The research study of INVOLVE project aims at identifying the difficulties and the problems that the representatives of employees face in information and consultation at national and European level. The study was implemented in four countries: Greece, Italy, Romania and Spain. In Greece and Romania the target of the study are trade unions and work councils mainly from the manufacturing sector. In Italy the target sector is food and agriculture and in Spain it is transport.

The main areas of the research regarding information and consultation practices are the following:

  • - Arrangements for information and consultation of employees.
  • - Information of employees in cases of restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, collective redundancies etc.
  • - Conditions for consultation.
  • - Usual infringements and sanctions.


Synthesis report: Greek | English

Survey report for Greece: Greek | English

Survey report for Italy: Italian | English

Survey report for Spain: Spanish | English

Survey report for Romania: Romanian | English