The course aims at:

  • Clarifying the main concepts related to health and safety at work
  • Providing some methodologies and tools in order that the worker and the trade union can better understand and actively participate in the assessment of occupational hazards
  • Explaining trade unionists the existing legal framework and the rights deriving from it as well as at introducing to the learner the organizations dealing with health and safety and where one can find updated information on the matter.
  • Giving the definitions of various psychological risks at work and improving the understanding about how to assess and manage work-related stress.

Learners may contribute with their own experiences and ideas.

The course is designed to last for 3 weeks (one for each of the three modules) in order to give learners time enough to digest knowledge and reflect on how to better use it.

The module provides the basic definitions, rational and impact labour accident and work-related diseases. It also gives essential information on types of hazards, risks and risks assessment.

Aim of the module is the clarification of notions referring to health and safety at work, as well as the development of basic skills for risk  identification and assessment . 

The module provides information on the most important international and European Organisations that deal with health &Safety as well as improvement of working conditions. It also offers information on the methods, Organisations, policies and tools they use in order to accomplish their aims..

Aim of the module is to give learners this overview of international and European Organisations and basic Law dealing with Health and Safety, in order that they know where to recur in order to find data they need for their consultation with the company management or in order to improve the work conditions in their job. 

The module provides the basic definitions and impact of emerging psychological risks as well as stress risk assessment and management.

Aim of the module is the clarification of notions referring different forms of psychological risks at the workplace and how one can face them in a systematic way.